Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wide load

J Crew is calling these "the 3-inch horizon-stripe short." I'm guessing the 3 inches part refers to how much width these babies'll add to your ass.
Really? Wide, horizontal stripes across the butt?

Wide load

Friday, May 29, 2009

Poncho mania

One of my most favorite people in the whole world says that you dress for the life you *want* to have. When she started to stockpile loose, easy-fitting clothes, she knew it was time for a baby. When professional-looking frocks caught her eye, she needed a job.
Well, lately I've been drawn to ponchos.
This is completely unlike me.
My enduring poncho image is a photo of my mom, circa 1976, in a brown, white and orange crocheted number. With fringe.
My daughters adore wearing these fleece ponchos my mother made them. They are not known for their fashion sense. Daughter No. 2 is currently wearing a blue and red tie-dye tee — with pink leggings covered in teeny flowers. No, J Crew won't be asking her to model any Crewcuts.
I think my attraction to ponchos like this gray Haute Hippie — at and a snuggly-sounding mix of silk , cotton and cashmere — is that they seem so..... beachy. And, the beach would be heaven. Lay on the sand, read a book and then when it starts to get nippy, pull on a poncho.
The orange one is available at (a phenomenal site with great customer service). The Blue Life pullover is made of whisper-soft modal.
Problem is, both these ponchos ring in at more than $100 (Haute Hippie is nearly $200). Doesn't that seem to go against the hippie aesthetic they invoke? They're out of reach.....just like that beach vacation.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


And, I hope you're hearing that "helllllooo" in the way it was intended, in the Jerry Seinfeld voice - the one he thought his girlfriend's belly button would make if it talked. My sweet, dear, pushy friend Jenni set this baby up for me. She thinks I need something to do since I just had foot surgery and am a shut-in for at least a few months (can't drive on a broken right foot).  Since, by paycheck, I am a writer, this should allow me to spout off some of my creativity. At least, whatever's left over after my daily "craft sessions" with the kids (coming later: decorating flip-flops!).
Anyhow, a little - very little - about me. I'm the mother of three, horribly obsessed with shopping, baking, fashion - not necessarily in that order. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm *thisclose* to being classified as a cougar rather than in that desired 18-35 demographic. But, at least the occasional checker at Trader Joe's still cards me. Which makes me want to drop to the floor and weep with joy when it happens.
So, on with the blog.....
Today's topic: tie-dye. Lately, I'm loving all that is tie-dye. Don't know why. Perhaps it's the carefree-ness of it. Does anything say "free spirited and fun" more than those random, exuberant swirls of color?
Of course not.
In my quest, some pretty darn cute things have turned up - tie-dye T-shirt dresses ($25) at A real steal. Bought one. (Tip: Sign up for the e-mails, and you can save 25 percent.) Even though summer hasn't technically begun (although when you live in a land that rocks 100-plus temperatures in May, it SO is summer), I'm going on record as saying I've just made my ultimate buy of the season - a tie-dye maxi dress from Forever XXI.
I'm farther than I'd like to admit from 21, but the store still has lots of fun to offer. Plus, you don't have to suffer the indignities of pawing through the racks with girls who could be your daughter (if you were a pregnant teen), when you shop online.
At just under $28, this dress has all you'd want and more: hand-washable, the most unbelievably soft-as-a-bunny fabric and, as an added bonus, soft, built-in bra cups. No need to wear an uncomfortable strapless bra. Perfection.
And, did I mention it's tie-dye? There's a short version, too. It costs a mere $23. I felt compelled to buy this, too. Now, maybe the tie-dye obsession can rest. Unless it's only beginning....