Friday, May 29, 2009

Poncho mania

One of my most favorite people in the whole world says that you dress for the life you *want* to have. When she started to stockpile loose, easy-fitting clothes, she knew it was time for a baby. When professional-looking frocks caught her eye, she needed a job.
Well, lately I've been drawn to ponchos.
This is completely unlike me.
My enduring poncho image is a photo of my mom, circa 1976, in a brown, white and orange crocheted number. With fringe.
My daughters adore wearing these fleece ponchos my mother made them. They are not known for their fashion sense. Daughter No. 2 is currently wearing a blue and red tie-dye tee — with pink leggings covered in teeny flowers. No, J Crew won't be asking her to model any Crewcuts.
I think my attraction to ponchos like this gray Haute Hippie — at and a snuggly-sounding mix of silk , cotton and cashmere — is that they seem so..... beachy. And, the beach would be heaven. Lay on the sand, read a book and then when it starts to get nippy, pull on a poncho.
The orange one is available at (a phenomenal site with great customer service). The Blue Life pullover is made of whisper-soft modal.
Problem is, both these ponchos ring in at more than $100 (Haute Hippie is nearly $200). Doesn't that seem to go against the hippie aesthetic they invoke? They're out of reach.....just like that beach vacation.

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Pagano DesignWorks said...

I love these kind of things. They make me feel wispy and thin when inside them.