Monday, December 28, 2009

'Bye, bye Mini Skirt

Good-bye mini skirt, hello middle age.


Last year, I had to have — HAD to have — a denim mini. I'd had 'em in the past and gotten rid of them. But, I needed one to go with my increasing collection of leggings. The other night, I pulled it on over some leggings to go out to a casual dinner with the family. It looked awful. It felt awful — too short, too young. I remembered the intro to "What Not To Wear, which features a sign reading 'No mini skirts after 35.'

I tossed it into the giveaway pile.

Yet another fashion trend that I have grown too old for. Double sigh.

It's tough realizing that my fashion clock is ticking. There are just some things and styles that I shouldn't wear for much longer. I adore graphic T-shirts. That might start to look silly soon. I also never pay attention to hem-lines and regularly go well above the knee. That, too, has an expiration date. I fear it is soon.

Of course, Hollywood types ignore such rules regularly. Look at Demi Moore. She totally bucks style convention — long hair past age 40, short skirts, va-va-voom necklines. Of course, she's Demi Moore. And, I feel fairly confident in saying that she doesn't come with all her original parts. Also, Hollywood types run in different circles than I. So, maybe it's not so bad that I shouldn't wear something super-tight and super-short for a premiere since the only premieres I attend are elementary school talent shows and the dress codes are fairly lax.

And, I guess I could also not buy the Splendid vintage fleece hoodie that went on sale for an extra 20 percent off at and instead save up for my own, um, body upgrades. If no one can tell how old you are, how can they tell you what to wear?

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Pagano DesignWorks said...

Forget the skirt...I want the SHOES in that pic! Is there an expiration age on peep toe, lace up, sling back oxfords? I regularly fall in love with shoes that are too young for me. Dear Fashion Advisor, should I be concerned??