Monday, September 9, 2013

How many snake print shoes does a girl need?

Please understand that this is a rhetorical question. I don't really want an answer. I have a thing for snake, I'm sure I'll add more snake print pieces to my bulging shoe closet. 

What is it about snake print? The varied colors, naturally. The texture that makes them seem high end even if they're not.  Maybe the exotic nature of snake is a draw.  It's like cocaine to me, I can't seem to get enough and when I have some I want more.

It all started with this pair of Prada pumps.  New in the box for a fantastic price on eBay.  I've worn them at least 100 times, probably more.  They are beige, ivory, grey and black all in one and go with almost everything.  I dropped them off at cobbler today for new soles, that's how much I wear them.

Then I came across these babies on eBay, again new in the box for an amazing price.  From Prada's baby sister Miu Miu, they are perfect for fall.  The snake is different, the pattern more compact. A hypnotizing blend of greens and greys that will make my neutral outfits more interesting.

Not happy to confine myself to heels, I also obsessed about flats in a real snake, not just a print. I stalked them for sale for months and months (and blogged about them), finally nabbing the last pair in my size that could be found on earth after receiving a 20% off sale code for 3.1 Phillip Lim.  The crazy pointed toe, the casual loafer style, the gorgeous tones, all reeled me in.
I know you won't be surprised that I am interested in yet another pair, these gorgeous mustard and black beauties by No. 21.  Once again, unworn and in the box.  The heels are a modest 2.25". 

Want to take bets on whether I buy them?

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