Monday, September 30, 2013

My entire fall wardrobe in one place - terrific Tibi

Let's start off with a disclaimer. I'm not supposed to be shopping. I'm not supposed to be surfing the web.  I shouldn't look at the many retailer emails that hit my in box.  I don't need clothes and God knows I don't need shoes.  I had a list for fall and winter, sadly a short pair of seasons in the desert, and I ticked all the boxes on the list.  And then some.  Shopping, done. 

Initially it wasn't that hard to resist when the unappealing email from Tibi landed in my inbox. A bunch of clothes, laid flat against a white background. You'd have to have the imagination of Leonardo da Vinci to see potential.  The mistake I made was clicking through to the website where the clothes are pictured from all angles on actual models.  I don't think my fall and winter wardrobe will be complete without all of these. 

The amazing tropical wool split front pant is high on the wish list.  Slim pants, nicely fitted and gorgeous worn with a heel thanks to that front slit. 

Next on the list of kicked up basics, the Anson asymmetrical skirt.  Sure, I have black pencil skirts but none with such an interesting detail as the front panel on this skirt.  It is the perfect combination of ladylike and edgy. 

The last thing in my pretend shopping cart is the silk 3/4 sleeve V-neck top.  It comes in black in addition to the perfect ivory below.  This top, with the two classic with a twist bottoms, would coordinate with a bunch of jackets, shoes and accessories in my wardrobe. 
A grand total of $820.00 for three items, even three as versatile as these, is not in the budget at the moment.  The sale watch begins. 
How is your fall shopping going?  Are you finished like me or still on the hunt for things?


DaniBP said...

It's the danger of looking! I haven't been shopping for fall either, I don't need anything and I've been able to whittle everything down. I would love a few things from Brora but I can live without them, I have enough skirts, coats and sweaters from them already and as they don't fall apart they don't need replacing. Which is the goal!
Still those tibi pieces are gorgeous in their simplicity and probably quite different from things you already own, yes watch for them on sale!

Desert Flower said...

Looking is dangerous, you're right! I will hold out for a good sale or a code before biting on any of these. Though I feel certain they would get plenty of wear, I truly have what I need and should be waiting for things to wear out before adding to the closet.

Maybe you will find a thing or two during one of Brora's amazing sales.