Monday, January 13, 2014

Style Resolutions for 2014 - part three

The last part of the process, after determining what you want to do with your wardrobe and purging what doesn't work, is deciding what you need.  There may be holes that need filling, basics that have worn out or extras and accessories that will add personality. 

I've decided on a few things, some of which will get wear mainly in the spring and summer, and some that will span seasons.

First, a pair of cognac sandals. I have black sandals in a mid heel and a flat, as well as a dressy light grey sandal. These Via Spiga Fola2 sandals come in black and natural, the latter being the color I'm interested in.  They have gladiator details, a walkable heel and will work well with skirts, shorts and cropped pants.

Next on my list is a white pencil skirt.  The caveat is that it must be washable.  The perfect one is this Jonathan Simkhai knit pencil skirt, which unfortunately has sold out on Shopbop. I keep stalking hoping for a pop back. 

It's actually a cream and white blend, as you can see in the close up below.  Washable!  I must have it.
My wardrobe has a lot of black, grey, white, camel and navy.  Both the above items would work very well with what I already have.  Which is the whole point of building a wardrobe, no?
I've been thinking about a patterened jacket. Something to slip over all those neutrals that would work in the office and on weekends. I haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet.  Maybe something like this.
Last on my list (at least for now until I come up with something else to want!!) is a red handbag. I have a camel bag I use for day, a black bag that works well for weekend and errands, and a few good travel handbags that can tolerate being shoved under the airplane seat.  Red would punctuate all the neutrals I wear.  It also happens to be my favorite color, although I wear it very little.
What style?  A bucket bag?  A satchel?  I'm open at the moment.  Maybe something like this amazing vintage bag will find it's way to my closet.
What is on your list to add to your wardrobe in 2014?


Steve said...
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Mary said...
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DaniBP said...

Trying to add nothing! We'll see how that goes... I love your choices and they seem very much your style. I adore a red handbag, I think I saw a trop handle LV in a stunning ad last week, beautiful bright red!

Desert Flower said...

I looked at a few LVs, Dani. That may be what I end up with. They do a beautiful red.

I've already purchased the jacket (not the one pictured) and the sandals. Waiting for that darn skirt to pop back. I'm in awe of your resolve not to add to the wardrobe. I'm trying to head in that direction!

Anonymous said...
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