Sunday, January 5, 2014

Style Resolutions for 2014 part two

This is the resolution that might be hardest for more of us to implement - purge what doesn't work in our wardrobes, no matter how much we paid for it and how wonderful it is or was when we bought it.  I decided on a few simple criteria that each and every item has to meet in order for it to continue to live in my closet.

1.  Is it a neutral or does it play well with neutrals?
2.  Can it be worn for different occasions and in different ways?
3.  Is it in perfect condition and does it fit me perfectly?
4.  Do I love it?

Applying these rules made it fairly easy for me to part with a great many things.  For example, this beautiful silk Madewell blouse.  It meets criteria 1, 2 and 4, but alas the fit is off.  I've tried denying that for several years and worn it anyway.  I realize that it doesn't flatter me. 

Several J. Crew wool skirts were cut.  The ivory double serge wool pencil skirt, and the sapphire tweed wool pencil skirt are both in the consign bag.  Again, fit is the issue.  I've worn both skirts numerous times and finally came to the realization that all I do is fuss with them when I have them on. I'm never comfortable, and both have been tailored in attempt to obtain better fit.  Other J. Crew skirts survived, such as the mixed media, the interoffice and the pony skirt.
Price paid was not a factor in this decision making process.  A number of Diane Von Furstenberg dresses are out, including the red cotton Meeson dress and the black Phyllis suiting dress.  Once again, these are garments that I do not feel entirely comfortable in.  I am pulling on them or adjusting them all day long.
Shoes are harder for me to cull since I long ago got rid of anything that pinches, rubs or hurts in any way.  Every pair I own now fits, and each meet criteria 1, 2 and 3.  A few pairs that did not inspire love have found the bottom of the donate bag.  An example is the Via Spiga pumps pictured below. There is nothing wrong with them, they fit well, they're comfortable and they coordinate with many items in my wardrobe.  I simply do not reach for them. I don't love them.
After a long afternoon, the final tally of items purged is:
     5 dresses
     5 skirts
     4 pairs of pants
     3 jackets
     8 tops/shirts
     17 belts
     6 pairs of shoes
     9 piece of assorted jewelry
There may be more. 
Are you purging too?


Pagano DesignWorks said...

Your ability to be ruthless both inspires, and terrifies me! :)

Kcookski said...

I'm purging, too! I haven't gotten rid of quite as much as you, but I'm trying to "pre-cull" by only buying stuff that I really, really want. I'm avoiding sample sale sites that make me feel like I have to impulse buy. Invariably, that's the stuff that goes.

Desert Flower said...

I like that term, pre-cull! Very appropriate. I'll use it!

I'm very happy with the state of the pared down closet. There's a few pieces I want to add in the next couple months, otherwise I think I'll be cutting back drastically on the purchases.

DaniBP said...

So many of my things didn't fit me properly, or if they did I didn't reach for them, therefore showing a lack of love. Excellent criteria and doesn't it feel good to look at the space? My mistake in the past was to fill up that space again, if purging results in buying what's the point! I am adopting a Clothes Fast mindset for the year, there really is nothing I need to add in, or more importantly want to add in. For coldest winter I'm working with only two warm skirts, two warm dresses and then various sweaters... it is enough and I love every item!
Thanks for these inspiring posts!

Anonymous said...
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