Monday, November 16, 2009

Dirty Shopping Secret

Forgive me, fellow shoppers, for I have sinned.... I shopped at Walmart.

Well, technically, so that's not as horrible as actually setting foot in that store, which skeeves me out on so many levels and for so many reasons.

Yet, I shopped there.

I did it for, gulp, a pair of sweatpants. Not just any sweatpants, though. These are $15 Norma Kamali sweatpants that can only be found at Walmart. They were singled out in the December issue of Lucky magazine. They look decidedly sweatpant-y in this picture, but in Lucky, the gray pants were jauntily rolled up — a la boyfriend jeans — and paired with a black blazer, white tank and peep-toe ankle boots. So cute. I can't think of a more chicly comfortable outfit for a girl on the go, especially for day-after-Thanksgiving shopping.

The pants have a drawstring waist and pockets in front and back. They're comfy, fit true-to-size and, dammit, I really like them. And, shipping only cost 97 cents. My package arrived a mere three days after purchase. Damn you, devilish Walmart.

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