Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ga-ga for Gray

For years, I dismissed gray as a non-color.

Too gloomy, too blah.

But this summer, I did a 180. Nothing specific happened to change my mind; it just did. All of a sudden, I felt like the Grinch, with my heart growing bigger every time I pondered the warm, cuddly color.

Gray isn't dingy PE clothes; it's drizzly winter skies, snuggly puppies, cute clothes.

It's the ultimate neutral — it goes with everything (even brown and tan) and isn't as harsh as black.

I've made up for lost time by — over the course of the summer — adding a dress, tank top, two long-sleeved knit shirts, a cardigan and a vest. Everything in a light or medium heathered gray.

Now I need to boost the shoes.

These are what I'm lovin'. The Ugg Lo Pro Drawstring boots are a light-weight cotton, which really is the smarter choice for this desert girl. They're waiting for Stems. The only thing keeping us apart is that credit card cycle. But, the new one's gonna start any day now. Hot diggity.

So, the Uggs are the practical choice for a place where winter daytime temps rarely dip below the 60s, and yet,
the shearling lining of these J Crew chalet boots has me in their tractor beams. I think I feel a shoegasm just imagining slipping my toes into that fluffy, soft lining first thing in the morning.


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