Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Organized

I crave organization.

Yeah, good luck with that one.

My car is littered with abandoned schoolwork, empty food wrappers and pencils, so many pencils.

The house? Same story. Backpacks left wherever. Shoes and socks stashed behind the sofa (so the kids don't have to take them alllll the way to their room). Strips of rope from chewed dog toys litter the carpet. Today, I found gnawed-off fingertips from latex gloves, which gave the house a very sweet, "CSI" touch (the pups had been pulling them out of the box like Kleenex*).

And the backyard? Looked like a polyester fiberfill snowstorm after the devil dogs attacked an innocent chair pillow.

Luckily, I can control my purse. This Good-go-Go bag is a life-changer. I can stick it into my cavernous Mom bags and can still easily find my keys, my phone and even my hit of emergency chocolate-covered espresso beans. Gotta love it.

My beloved sells the fabbo organizer bags.

*No, I don't do proctology exams on the side. I have germ issues. The gloves are for raw meat handling purposes. Although sometimes I think I should slide them on before I touch my 5-year-old, who enjoys a good dirt bath.

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