Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth o' July — Time For More Poncho Love

Perhaps crack is woven directly into the fiber. I dunno — how else can I explain my odd fixation with ponchos?

I ordered this Ever hoodie last week (an impulse sale buy). Then I decided I didn't need it and would return it, only to open the box today, and, well, it's chinchilla soft.

It must stay.

The poncho also came with the weirdest "bonus" gift — a little fabric bag of ear plugs. I do not see the connection.

Anyhoo, I guarantee you I am not wearing it today as I sit, sweltering in Missouri. Or, as it's pronounced this time of year — Misery. Great googly-moogly I am not looking forward to that humidity.

I shall return in about a week. And when I do, oh boy, do I have something worthwhile to share — a clothing item so wonderful, so versatile, so amazingly beautiful and chic and cool that I am devoting an entire week to all the outfits that can be made from it.

Until then, toodles.


Desert Flower said...

This is very cute and I'm glad you're keeping it. I am so excited to see the next week of posts too!

gigiofca said...

Ear you don't have to hear dumb questions from ppl who don't 'get it'. *lol* It'll be great for fall. Have a great week.

Fashionistable said...

I love hoodie and this one is great. Hope you had a good week. Xxxx