Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovin' Linen

Well, perhaps a more appropriate post title would be I think I'm lovin' linen. I don't actually have any wide-legged, beachy pants in my closet.

A travesty.

I'm tired of being hot and sweaty and mostly I'm sick of shaving my legs every darn day. Wide-legged linen pants seem to be an appropriate response to all that.

There's lots to love out there. To wit:

Converse One Star "Estella" linen-blend pants ($29.99). This seems to be the most logical choice because it's the cheapest. They're sold out online (is that a hint at their spectacularity?), but I spotted them in a local Target, not in my size (of course), but they seemed soft enough and not too sheer. I plan to hunt them down.

Current/Elliott Wide Leg Lounge Trouser ($185). Doesn't it just seem wrong that something with the word "lounge" in the title comes with a three-figure price tag? No doubt the Cadillac of linen pants, these aren't even linen. They're Tencel, which is awesome because it drapes so nicely and is sooooo soft. The flat-front is a bonus because you can wear a shirt untucked without that unsightly drawstring bulge.

Allen Allen Linen Pants ($59). The front, button pockets add a cute detail and the straight, not overly wide leg, is good for a more conservative pant.

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Desert Flower said...

It makes you feel cooler just looking at those pants, doesn't it?