Monday, July 8, 2013

Another lip color review

I wasn't kidding in that earlier post. I love lip colors. I have literally dozens and dozens in my bathroom cabinet.  I am a sucker for packaging and marketing. If I see something fabulous in a store, I buy it.  When someone recommends a lippie, I buy it.  I watch for new products, I consume magazine articles about lip colors.  This explains the dozens and dozens I mentioned above.

Naturally, when one of my favorite bloggers recommended a new lip color, I tried it.  It was an epic fail.  Beautiful color and beautiful packaging that looked and felt good for about 1/2 hour, after which it became an odd combination of tacky and dry, wore unevenly, looked patchy and messy all at the same time.  But the color, oh the color! It was summer in a tube.  The perfect orangey-coral with golden flecks.  Here it is, but don't buy it.

Revlon It Girl Ultimate Suede Lipstick. Bad, bad, bad.

Still, the perfect color in that tube haunted me.  There had to be something similarly bright and pretty!  Something that wouldn't make me look like a failed science experiment.

Stumbling through Walgreen's the other day, looking for a new flat iron, I passed an end cap.  There it was.  My perfect summer lippie.  Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick in Lovers Coral.  It's almost the identical color to it's messy cousin, without the gold flecks.  It goes on very sheer, and the color is buildable by adding more coats.  It's very moisturizing with smooth and even application. 


This is a product I can get behind and recommend.  In fact, I've already picked it up in more colors.

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