Monday, July 1, 2013

Obsession: All Saints Reptile Quad Jacket

This jacket has been floating around in my cerebellum since it landed on the All Saints website a few months ago.  It's perfect for me and the climate I live in.  Light leather that is easy to care for - the website says regular dry clean (not the super expensive specialty leather dry clean) - and easy to wear.  Perforated panels with solid sleeves, and the sleeves are short.  What better garment for spring and fall in the desert?  With a long sleeved turtleneck or tee, it transitions easily to winter.  Given that I work in an office building chilled to arctic levels, it would even work in the summer.

In my wardrobe this baby would be extremely versatile, the obvious use being weekend casual.  The streamlined shape and classic cut means it would also work well over a sheath dress, or as a topper to a pencil skirt and silk tee.  Alas, the bank account does not allow even such a well reasoned purchase.  Starting out at $785.00, it was recently marked down 20% to $628.00.  Still too rich for my blood. 

If memory serves, All Saints had a code for 4th of July last year, even though they are a UK based company.  Cross your fingers they do the same next week and I can grab this little gem at a discount.


Sandarella Sandy said...

This jacket is so funky.

Desert Flower said...

My taste is not for everyone :)

Sharon said...

LOVE that jacket!!!