Monday, October 26, 2009

Calgon! Take Me Away!!

The squares on my calendar are just not big enough.

Since it's Monday, I was looking at the week ahead and jotting in all the things I realized I hadn't entered into my old-school Blackberry — birthday party, doctor's appointment, day off from school. Then I flipped ahead to the next month and the next. Holy crap, the year's almost over. And my little, teeny squares are so very full.

I wish I could just hit the pause button for a breather. When my kids play together — or even sometimes in the middle of a conversation with them — they'll shout "Pause!" so that everything stops while they do what they need to do, go to the bathroom, swat at a fly, look at a flower.

But, I think I need more than just a momentary pause.

Some people (those without children) might say I need a vacation. Once you have kids, though, that word is no longer applicable. When you bring children with you, it's called "taking the show on the road." There's no vacation. No relaxation. Just the same ol' same ol', but even harder. No, what I need is a comacation. If I could just slip into a light coma, just for a few weeks, I think that would do the trick. Well, that is if a coma is like a deep sleep.

I don't want to be in one of those comas where you're completely aware of everyone and everything going on around you, and you just can't respond. That would suck. That might be more maddening than being awake and having people constantly tugging at you and screaming and crying and shouting, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!"


shy_smiley said...

Cookski, I been sick for the past week. Nothing is making me better. So Sunday night my mom came to town and since then I've been sleeping. And sleeping. And sleeping. And I'm starting to feel better. So here's my solution for you: infect yourself with some vague but highly virulent virus, complete all the items in your teeny tiny calendar squares for about a week, then collapse in utter exhaustion. Then they HAVE to make due without you.

Kcookski said...

no wonder i haven't seen you around! i'm sorry you're punky. i suppose contracting a nasty virus might be a smidge easier than finding a way to land in a two-week coma....

Anonymous said...

Can you get any funnier?! With the's a TRIP! You (and I) need a vacation!

Try to drink it in..revel in the moment. It's a daily struggle. Good luck;)