Monday, October 5, 2009

Hair Stuff I Can't Live Without

I love to spend money.

And — though my husband doesn't believe it, I'm sure — I love to save money, too. I never buy something until I've sufficiently scoured the World Wide Web to see if My Item Of Desire might be cheaper or be sold on a site that has free shipping (my favorite!!). That's how I ended up with a hair product imported directly from Oz. Yup, all the way from Australia, an online store called Adore Beauty. No joke — even with a $12 shipping charge, it was still cheaper than buying from a U.S. Web site by a good $7! Even better, Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair arrived in less than a week. Soooo much faster than anything from J. Crew has ever arrived.

When it comes to hair/beauty stuff, I'm a dabbler. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything I read about. I'll see it and want to try it. I think I read about Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair in Lucky magazine, and of all the things I've lusted after, this one is the one I keep buying — even though I have to track it down online. In another country.

Why do I love it? Well, first there's its amazing fragrance. A smidge coconuty with a subtle whiff of citrus — it reminds me exactly of a day on the beach. I use it on my wavy hair after blowdrying. Just a little rubbed between my fingers is all I need to get better defined curls and a smoother look. The gel is just the perfect finishing touch. I imagine it would work well to polish straight hair, too, and make it piece-y. Kusco-Murphy has a similar product called Bedroom Hair that has a similar effect, but it has a fairly strong cinnamon smell. I like it, too, but the Beach Hair scent is the ultimate.

Beach Hair is probably the one thing in my beauty routine that I can't live without. And, if you saw my cluttered medicine cabinet and two makeup kits, you'd realize just how amazing a statement that is.

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