Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gettin' Jeggy WIt It


If you can forgive the lame term — it's "leggings" crossed with "jeans" — it's actually a cool concept. Take a pair of skinny jeans and cross 'em with form-fitting but forgiving material and perhaps slap an elastic band on the top. If you can get over that maternity-wear look — shudder — then these are phenomenal. That is, when they're appropriately paired with long, flowy tops. We do not want to see these on the Supermarket Sirens. You know who I mean — those chicks wandering the grocery store aisles who apparently don't own a mirror and choose to wear spandex without adequate badonkadonk coverage. Yuck.

Well, I LOVE this pair of jeggings (please don't let that be a Rachel Zoe term. I don't want to give her any more credit than she's already hogging) from The price is a little steep, but as usual, Forever XXI has decent versions at allowance-friendly prices.

I'm thinking jeggings paired with this Sauce top, which, incidentally I just bought. On eBay! I loves the eBay.

My version is green and has these darling, oversized gold safety pins decorated with giant faux pearls. The pins adorn the front and back. Too, too cute. It'd make a nice casual, weekend outfit.  

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Desert Flower said...

excellent fall and winter outfit - if winter ever comes here in the desert!!