Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cheap Thrill: H&M MEN'S Shirt

It pays to circulate at H&M.

Once when I dared veer from the women's department into girls' accessories, I found a $3 pink, studded bracelet. It fit perfectly.

This last trip, a pass through the men's section yielded this seagreen, button-neckline tee. It was all of $9.95.

Heathered and made of the fabric trifecta of poly-cotton-viscose, this bad boy is soooooft. It reminds me of the great American Apparel tri-blend shirts but without the soul-suckingness of its wacky sizing. Yes, H&M is wildly inconsistent in that department, too, but AA is really bad. It must stop using mannequins made of toothpicks as fit models. C'mon, young women have enough issues let alone thinking that weighing more than 50 pounds automatically deems you "XL." I am most certainly not an XXL, despite all the bacon-wrapped hotdog appetizers I ate last weekend.

Interestingly, while the H&M men's shirts were cut quite wide and boxy, the XS was slim and fitted and looked like it was made for a chick.


Desert Flower said...

Glad you got that. The fit is great and I love the color.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Oh man, I can't stand AA - I don't know if I'm just not hip enough to appreciate the almost naked models or the wonky WTF sizing, haha!

Mugdha said...

Honestly, I think I should just start shopping in the mens section permanently because not only am I currently liking men's fashion way better than women's, but doesn't it feel awesome to fit into an XS? haha.