Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: Anthropoo-logie

When I search Anthro
One thing is certain with shoes
Ouch! Ca-ching! Price-y!

Shoe n' Tell: I heretofore rename Anthropologie, Anthropoologie. It is so named because of its wedgie-esque prices (wedgie? yeah, because they're always creeping up on you). The footwear, in particular, is astronomical. No joke, if I see a pair I like, it's a guaranteed triple-digits. Of course, the same holds true for much of the clothing now, too.

I have me a birthday discount, but even with that whopping 15 percent off, I shall be headed straight back to the sale room, where alas, there are usually very few shoes.

Topping my lust list:
Tack Room Platforms ($498)
The Toile Landscape Wedges ($128) seem downright cheap compared to those platforms. Woof.

1 comment:

Desert Flower said...

Their shoes are pricey, and then check the bags! They are super expensive. Very risky to wait for sales too, the shoe sizes sell out quickly.