Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drawstring Denim Drawers

Skinny jeans keep a gal honest.

And, in a much less confrontational way than, say, asking your significant other if you look fat.

You overindulge and your skinny jeans let you know. You slack off on the workouts, your skinny jeans let you know. They feel just a smidge tighter in the hips, become just a little bit harder to button.

Drawstring jeans, on the other hand, are the enablers of the denim world. These would be the equivalent of those boys your parents didn't want you hanging out with late on a Friday night.

"Awwww, go ahead — have another slice of pie," drawstring jeans purr. "You can just loosen up the belt. Go ahead — no one'll know."

They're dangerous, but mighty cute. The bad boys of the denim world — irresistible.

Calvin Klein Explorer Jeans, $55. Cargo-y and loose, they're a good blend o' trends.

Diesel's Peitey, $170. This is the pair in the new ads. The two-tone denim and Capt. Kangaroo-ish pockets are fun.

Victoria's Secret drawstring jean, $59.50. A beacheriffic pant.

Current/Elliott + Marni cropped drawstring. Current/Elliott+Marni=very, very expensive, as in $370.


Desert Flower said...

The Deisel pair is super cute.

Jessi8a said...

i agree! They would be the most expensive pair