Friday, April 8, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I missed it — the blogging.

I realized that while I wasn't actually typing things out, I was mentally blogging. Almost nonstop.

And, instead of spending all my former blogging time doing something productive, like getting my house clean enough to keep health inspectors at bay or writing the book I've always dreamed of penning, I surfed — Ebay. Which, from here on out, shall be referred to as Ebad.

I still don't know where this whole blog thing is going, but I guess I'm not quite ready to stop. Perhaps posting periodically rather than daily will help — and only when I have something "spongeworthy."

Thanks for all the lovely sentiments. I was buoyed (the dorkiest word in the dictionary but it truly describes how I felt) by all the kind comments, some from people I've never met. My heart felt a squeeze when I saw that a few sweet souls actually signed up to follow me after I posted my sorta sayonara.

So, I'm back. For now. Thanks for having me on your computer screen.

Here's what I've been up to:

• Posing for a fashion shoot for local magazine Tucson Lifestyles. This was definitely outside my comfort zone — I prefer being behind the scenes, but it was for a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, a wonderful organization from whence Beast No. 1 came. (Beast No. 2 came from another rescue group.) I had the pleasure of wearing an amazing Nicole Miller outfit from local boutique Pour Moi and got to be primped by the pros at Gadabout SalonSpas. My only regret — finding out about the shoot at the same time I was sucking down an entire sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints. Didn't have near enough time to work 'em off. I have been hitting the elliptical faithfully so that when the runway part of this fundraiser happens at the end of the month, my thighs will be ready.

• Shopping. Meet Bag No. 1. Treesje, from Ebad. It is flat-out fabulous.

• More shopping. This is Bag No. 2. Marc Jacobs, also from Ebad. It's dingy, but smooshy and huge. Any day now, my husband will have one of those site-blockers up to keep me away.

Hope you've been having fun, too. Nice to be back. :)


Desert Flower said...

So glad you are back!!! Your magazine shot is gorgeous. You look amazing. You need that Nicole Miller dress. Both bags are great and they look like they pass the smooshy test. By the way, the shoes you're wearing in the bag pics are awesome.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Glad you're back. I've missed your sense of humor and your shopping finds!

Jessica said...

You look breathtaking in that shot! Hot hot!

KathyW said...

Yay - welcome back. You're magazine photo is beautiful.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I second all the above. Glad you are back, love the shoes, and good LORD, I can't believe I actually KNOW you! Squeee!

Jessi8a said...

your fashion, yes fashion spread looks FABULOUS!!! Missed you!