Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going Dark

So, here's the thing: I'm actually starting to repel people.

And, I'm not the Man Repeller — it's not my goal to repel. But followers are taking the time to actually "un"follow me (as a testament to my lack of computeriness, I don't even know how to do that). Perhaps I am the Bizarro Sally Fields ("You DON'T like me! You really don't!).

And to show just how tired my media references are, along with the Sally Fields one I'm gonna use one from the defunct TV show "24" — I'm goin' dark.

I need to figure out what this blog is, what it should be, if it should be.

When I started two years ago — because my lovely friend MADE me by setting everything up and giving me no excuses — I thought it would give me a chance to dip my toes into the Internet waters, broaden my writing horizons. After all, my day job is as a newspaper journalist. Once they figure out how to line bird and guinea pig cages with non-newspaper substances, my career is kaput.

This thing was supposed to be mostly a food and fashion blog but sometimes included mommy musings (my other day/night job). I'm not a top fashionista (one of my least favorite words, along with rectal). There are infinitely more stylish ladies out there. Mostly, I thought I could offer tips on shopping, which I can do very, very well. Or, at the very least, offer something a little bit funny.

I figured what I lacked in flash — I don't have a professional photographer at my disposal and I'm not photogenic enough to put myself in multiple photos — I could make up for in sheer volume. I haven't missed a blog entry in months, maybe even a year.

So, I dunno. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll get my groove back. Maybe I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Cue old movie reference.... I can't figure it all out tonight, sir, so I'm just gonna hang with your daughter.


jacquelyn said...

I feel you. I'm in a bit of a rut. I started my blog almost five years ago and in the last few months have been toying with calling it quits. I'm wondering if the age of the b log has passed.

Good luck in figuring it out! I'll miss you!

KathyW said...

K - Although I don't comment often, I read and enjoy your blog almost every day. I'll miss it terribly if goes away :( That being said, I totally understand needing to figure how best to invest your (limited) time and (unlimited) talents. K

dinagideon said...

Oh, hon, I feel your pain. I lost so many readers recently. The age of the blog may be waning for some, but I do pick up new folks from time to time.

I like your blog and I love your posts. I would not un-follow you, ever. LOL. You can count on that from those of us commenting here today.

Take a break, though, so needed by anyone one who creates on a daily basis. Even if your writing doesn't seem stale (it is good and I am glad you don't just talk fashion--I know that seems weird coming from me, all I do is talk clothing and cosmetics, its seems, even my own kids get in on the act), you are probably mentally tired, so take the time.

I hope you come back, though!!!

gail said...

Hi, i have never commented on your blog, but i do check it out all the time. You are in my bookmarks for favorite blogs. If you do take a break, I for one hope you come back, as i really do enjoy your blog. Just wanted to let you know, you seem very sweet.

Desert Flower said...

I don't like this one bit. :(

AlanaVictoria said...

How will I know about the things I want to spend money on if you don't keep blogging? THIS IS A TRAVESTY! (I guess it's cool if you take a little break though. Just promise you'll be back!)

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I say post every OTHER day, and pop in a recipe more often if you are stuck. For me? You could simply repeat your todiefor Easy Brownies weekly. I will never buy a mix again! (this from a girl who was 23 before she knew garlic could be purchased in a form other than powdered!)


Jessica said...

I definitely understand the need for a break - sometimes blogging feels overwhelming and trite. But I hope you come back. I love your writing and every post makes me crack a smile.

The Outfit of the day said...

Hey Dessert,
How funny, we had the same kind of blog post this time. I have been feeling the same way about my blog and I almost thought to give it up, but I love fashion so much to leave it behind so I am sticking in, even though my followers are going away as well. Your blog is great, please stay.
By the way, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos of you on FFM's blog. HOW BEAUTIFUL the both looks you created! You have such a good taste, please please add more outfit pics on your blog as well. Take care girl!