Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonder Wha?


Look what they've done to Wonder Woman.

Apparently my favorite heroine is getting a makeover for a TV do-over. I'm beside myself.

First of all, this costume rules out I will ever, ever be Wonder Woman for Halloween. Second, that is just a painfully ugly outfit, period. Exercise a little restraint, costume designer. Metallic should never be head-to-toe. Duh. What about an uglier shade of blue? Third, no one can ever be the equal of Lynda Carter.

My husband, who can be amusing when he's not forgetting to put his breakfast dishes into the dishwasher EVERY DAMN MORNING, offered his two (well, maybe one and a half) cents:

Wonder if they're real?
Wonder who paints that uniform on every morning? Is it Aquaman?
Wonder where she keeps the keys to her invisible plane? (Or are they also invisible?)
Wonder who she is?


Desert Flower said...

I do not wish to have a new Wonder Woman. Apparently we don't get a vote.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Nu-uh - not one beats Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. No one.

jacquelyn said...

I just wonder f, when she walks or runs,there will be a squeaking noise from the material on her thighs rubbing together. Plus, imagine how hot and sweaty the get-up is...I cringe thinking about it.

gigiofca said...

Your husband is funny. They've been trying to re-do this series for eons and *this* what they come up with? I hope it works.