Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wavy Beach Hair (The Cheater Version)

Here's the irony in throwing up a post about a hair gizmo — I've gone low-maintenance. As in, I've been skipping the blow dryer.

This is a huge deal. I'm typically quite high maintenance when it comes to my appearance. Not that I look it, but I spent a fair amount of time on the whole hair-and-makeup routine. And, I especially spend a ton o' time under my tourmaline dryer.

We're joined at the hip, or at least the follicles. I love that dryer dearly.

But, air drying saves me from spending a good half hour underneath the thing. Plus, without that loud noise, I can hear the other loud noises (read: children) that need attention and fast because something gets broken or catches on fire or both.

Sometimes — only sometimes — my hair actually looks better au naturel. But, because nothing can be completely easy, my hair is usually half wavy and half not. On those days when that bugs me, I whip out the Tigi Bedhead
Deep Waver ($29.99). It is pretty darn cool.

That triple barrel action presses waves into the uncooperative sections but doesn't make hair look as done as a single-barrel curling iron does. The result is loose, easy waves that look pretty natural.

And, if I play my cards right, I don't even have to do my hair the next day.


Desert Flower said...

I've been very lukewarm on them, too. Maybe I should have a surf over there. That top pair is super cute.

katydidinc said...

I'm gonna try this because I'm totally pickin' up what you're puttin' down......thanks for the tip ks. (plus my hair is like yours.)