Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sexy To A Tee

This Monrow faux bustier tee is the perfect sexy-without-being-trollopy top.

You don't have to to be doing a slow ooze out of your halter (yes, Snooki, we're talkin' to you) to look hot. In fact, that overstuffed sausage look gives the total opposite effect.

Despite its leopard print and faux sweetheart bustier, this tee is quite demure. I mean, just look at the model — she's not overly endowed but she looks pretty flippin' hot. So, here's the question: Can it go to the office or is it strictly date night?

I'm thinkin' with a full skirt and perhaps a ladylike cardi to tone it down some more, it could, well, work for work.


Desert Flower said...

I agree, it's very versatile. It can go out at night with skinny jeans, or go to the office under a jacket or cardigan.

Mugdha said...

I like it! Definitely versatile and more importantly, definitely classier than Snooki.