Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cuff 'em

So, I was thinking I wanted an ear cuff.

I know — kinda edgy for a mother of three, huh?

I started obsessing over cuffs after spotting a too-cool-for-school, stylish girl with one. The artfully ombred ends of her wavy, second-day hair were pulled back enough to see a simple, silver dealio clipped onto the top of the ear. It had three plain rings all attached to a rectangle across the top of the ear.

Naturally, a frantic internet search was launched. But, where to find such a thing? I tried Forever XXI. No luck. Then I realized Etsy! But the more I looked, the more creepy these cuffs became.

There were cuffs that looked like bird claws and dragons and before long I was thinking, wait, cuffs are the sign of Satan! They are evil, demonic. At the very least, they're probably too young for me.

I did find a few, like this dainty wire cuff, that don't make me seem like the kind of person who drinks bunny blood for breakfast. But, now that I've seen all that gross stuff out there, cuffs might be tainted for me now. Plus, they seem like they have the potential to be pinchy.

Now, I'm on the fence. To cuff or not to cuff?

1 comment:

Kiera said...

Not to cuff.

(But when I saw the title of the post, I thought it was going to be about pants.)