Monday, February 28, 2011

In Search of..... The Perfect Silk Dress

All I want for spring: the perfect drapey silk dress.

That doesn't seem so much to ask, does it?

Madewell has some pretty smashing stuff. But, it's so pricey. I'm crushing on the lush, green print in this silk number. This is my dream dress. Can't find it on the Website anymore. See what good taste I have? It's sold out already.

Possible, less expensive options:
The Palm Prints dress, $128, which is actually rayon.
Tinley Road Pleated Slash Dress, $74. This Piperlime exclusive gets a demerit for polyester construction, but I like the more fitted look and cute butterfly pattern.

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Desert Flower said...

I fell in love with the perfect silk dress and felt it up in the store the other day. I even tried it on, at which time I realized it was actually cleverly disguised polyester, and the price tag was over $300. Sigh.