Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheap Thrill: Goody Spin Pins

Some mornings, when you're battling your 'do and it's obvious it won't be a good hair day, you just want to say, "Screw it."

Guess what? You can.

Goody Spin Pins ($5.99 for two) really do screw into your hair, holding in place a sassy bun that disguises your hair's utter lack of cooperation.

Now, I've passed by these things in the hair aisle at Target many a time, convinced they would just get stuck and need to get cut out. They have that look about them. Then a friend sang their praises, saying the Spin Pins were the best hair gizmo ever. She was so adamant that I had to try.

They are pretty easy to use — just twist one in. To get it out, twist counter-clockwise. Thick hair can get away with one pin while thinner tresses may require two.

I twisted both in and went the whole day without either pin feeling like it would fall out. Even better, they didn't poke me in the head.

So go ahead, screw it.


dinagideon said...

Huh, I have seen those too and worried it would get stuck. Thanks for the review, maybe I won't pass them by the next time. :)

Desert Flower said...

Need a pic of the 'do!

this is not a joke said...

Spin pins are the best best best!