Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One For The Itty Bitties

I wasted a fair amount of my childhood/teendom wishing for boobs.

Why oh why couldn't that Judy Blume chant have worked?! (Refresher: "We MUST! We MUST! We MUST increase our BUST!") It didn't help that my brother and father once came home from the mall with a shirt reading "Objects beneath this shirt are larger than they appear."

Hardy har har.

But with age comes perspective — and not saggage when you've got nanoboobs. It took many years, but hey, I'm fine with that. Because look at the cute things I can wear. This VPL bra would not work on someone who needs support.

Of course, the argument against this is, I don't have $145 worth of material to put in it.

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Pagano DesignWorks said...

Oh Judy Blume! Why hath you forsaken me! And for the record, if you make the mistake while pregnant to say "nothing is worse than saggy A cups" you will in fact end up with such punishment.

Will the tee bra elevate your nanos to $145 worth?