Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Currently Coveting: Casual Coverups

Loosely woven coverups keep catching my eye these days. I see 'em and think, 'Now that would be perfect for the beach!'

This is stupid because A) I live in the desert and B) I haven't been on a beach vacation in two years. Now that we're facing private school tuition, that number might stretch into five years. Or 10. Sigh.

But because a good shopper can always rationalize, the desert (like the beach) does get chilly at night. And, we are entering that transitional time of year when it's good to have some coverage but you don't need to be completely swaddled for warmth.

Some fun looks:

• Ever Adak Blanket Throw Sweater ($245). It had me at blanket. And throw. I love a good, loose wrap.
• Eternal Sunshine Creations Sergeant Pepper Long Cardigan ($106.40). The gauzy texture is so lovely and the longer length gives this a dressier quality.
• Textile Elizabeth & James Cable Boxy Pullover ($325). My favorite, of course, because it's freakishly expensive. That mish-mosh of textures sure is wonderful, though. You can practically feel it just be looking at it.
• Patterson J. Kincaid Crochet Capri Shrug ($198). Definitely more on the summery side, the playful boho vibe adds spark to jeans or cut-offs.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I lived in NM for a few years and that's what I kept telling the BF - why do you want to go to the beach? We've got sand all around us and you don't get into the ocean anyways! ;o)

Desert Flower said...

My husband keeps saying that California will have the big one and fall into the ocean and then we'll be ocean front in Arizona, LOL! I love that Patterson Kincaid number.