Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From the WTF Files: Some Fugly, Crazy shoes

From henceforth I shall not use the abbreviation of WTF but rather WTFP, as in, What the Free People?!?!

I don't think I've seen weirder, less wearable stuff than Free People — with the exception of this porn site that I accidentally stumbled upon in the search for a natural makeup artist's blog.

Anyhoo, I love a good platform. This would not be one.

My daughter once crafted something just this ugly for dress-up, wrapping a chunky piece of fabric around her shoe and duct-taping it on.

Seriously, WTFP?!


Desert Flower said...

They could extend that fabric up a bit and it would be the perfect go to shoe for the days you don't shave your legs. FUG.

Mikaela said...

what i really don't understand is that it's $200. i mean, it's ugly, and everything, so who pays that much for it???

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Oh goodness gracious, finally the perfect shoes to go with the hideous floral cropped harem pants from Anthropologie, haha!

Mugdha said...

Looks like they'd go well with this Potato Sack Dress