Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Retailer Drinks the Crewlade

The Crewification continues. Now, Garnet Hill (along with Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and just about every other major mainstream label) is looking a lot like J Crew.

Does that ruffled blouse not look familiar? The Garnet Hill catalog boasts that this top is "exclusive." Yeah, um, only because it's a few years after J Crew did it.

Page after page in the catalog sports Crewish rolled jeans shorts and its famous cardi/shorts combo.

C'mon, retailers, show us something new. Please.

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Desert Flower said...

A few months ago, Garnet Hill had an almost exact replica of J. Crew's Maya cardigan. They're not even trying to be unique, they're Crack addicted. The only good part is their prices are cheaper.