Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Accessory

Talk about utilitarian.

This multi-tasking scarf ($22) does more than just keep your neck warm. It also:
•protects your 'do from a sudden drizzle
•offers an extra place for your keys, thanks to the pockets
•is better than a woobie with its magical tri-blend of rayon, poly and cotton.

For those of us gals who multi-task — and prefer that our garments do the same — this is the ultimate. It's even better than the flip-flop with the hidden zip pocket in the heel. Seriously — there was such a thing.

Now, is it better than a roller-skating shoe? Well, the jury's still out. I think that would be bitchin' to roll through the grocery store in record time wearing those skate-shoe hybrids, Heelies.


Desert Flower said...

Anything with snack pockets gets my vote.

Mugdha said...

Second above. Anything with pockets.