Thursday, February 24, 2011

Having Another Go At the Target Collections

So, when Target recently announced it was celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Go International collection with dresses from past designers, my initial reaction was...."Meh."

I mean, I took a pass for the most part. Amazing what a difference time makes.

Things I didn't pay attention to before, I certainly am now. How could I have missed that color-blocked, spaghetti-strapped Tara Jarmon number? It's so perfectly springy and summery and layerable with a cardi. And the green-blue plaid strapless Lella Bartley number? Sasssssy.

Prices range from $24.99-$44.99, affordable. Dresses are available March 13-April 10 at most Target stores and online. So, it's likely our Target stores will get bypassed. Again.

Why, Target, why must you turn up your nose at Tucson?!? We matter! We like to dress well and affordably!

If that is the case — that they're only available online in our neck of the woods — then I'll likely pass again. These really aren't the kinds of dresses you can order online. You must try 'em on to feel the material and figure out the fit (such wonky sizing, ya know).

But, I'm not going to despair just yet. I'm going to be optimistic, as in "the dress is half-zipped up!" rather than writing the sitch off as an "I've gained so much weight the dress will never zip again" scenario.

Don't let me down, Target.

• Jovovich-Hawk, $39.99
• Paul & Joe, $24.99
• Thakoon, $39.99
• Luella Bartley, $44.99
• Tara Jarmon, $29.99

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Desert Flower said...

It looks like it's not just a redo, there is also some new items. Yay! I will be daring and order online. Return counter, here I come.