Saturday, February 5, 2011

Put A Lid On It

OK. Sorry, sorry. Mea cappa, knitcap maker people.

Not long ago I said mean things about those fuzzy hoodie/caps that looked like animal heads.

Then I went and bought one.

Allow me to explain myself.

One most unusual night when my husband and I were out and not at all acting our age (we were browsing Urban Outfitters. So not in that demographic), we spotted this super-cool Bert — as in Sesame Street — knit cap.

"You NEED that hat!" I said.

Ever the cheapskate, he replied, "I'm not paying $36 for that."

"You can wear it in the mornings to walk the dogs! It could be a makeshift Halloween costume."

I couldn't talk him into it. And so I became....oddsessed.

Googling like a mad woman, I tried to find that cap online at a tightwad-accepted price. No luck. But, I found plenty of other super cute deLux knit caps.

My one, lone winter hat is utterly lame. But, I fell in love with the koala cap and was almost moo-ved enough by the sale price to spring for a cow hat. I must say, as the temperature dipped to 19 degrees here in the desert the other day, I was mighty glad to have that koala sittin' on my head.


gigiofca said...

I'll just have to take your word for it. *lol*

Mugdha said...

I hear from friends in Tucson that these are all the rage there. At first I was like...uhhh...but really, the koala is kinda cute.