Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I don't have obsessions, so much as oddsessions.

They're exactly like they sound — fixations on things that are, well, odd. Like tops with thumbholes and clothing with cupcakes. The latest oddsession: wedge sneakers.

I know, right?

Hear me out — they look ultra cool and they have to be comfortable. I mean, they are tennis shoes after all.

Further validating my oddsession — and possibly catapulting it into more worthy obsession status — Prada makes them. Those hipsters over at Nylon frequently use 'em in style shoots, too.

The Adidas SLVR store has these maroonish ones. The idea of height paired with the foot-friendliness of tennies is pretty much irresistible.

I just bought a pair of much lower Ash sneaker wedges off eBay. Stay tuned — they'll likely be this Friday's Shoe Haiku.

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