Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Uncommon Goods

Cool store that I kept meaning to shop at for Christmas, but then I didn't and now I'm sorry: Uncommon Goods.

There's so much to love in this online store, so many things I never knew I needed. Such as....

• Creepy/cool face mug ($18). You can stuff food into the mug's mouth. I'm sorry — I think that is simply awesome. Products that unite beverage and food components into one are flat-out brilliant.

• Vintage-y looking sock monkey mittens ($20). If it's got a sock monkey on it, I want it.

Scarf made from reclaimed t-shirts ($25). Those of you who were reading this blog from the beginning know what an incredibly selfless person I am and that I do everything I can to help others (read it here if you are one of the unfortunate few late to this party. The title of said post: I am a selfish bee-otch).

Because of my completely altruistic nature, I asked for a scarf made by disabled people. Hey, I didn't force them to make it. They were already churning 'em out as part of an independent living program. I just asked for it and a purchase would have helped them learn more job skills. Sadly, I did not get the scarf. I will make sure and ask for it as a gift again this year, since it's still available.

Roboostas ($10). Seriously, I would like this even if it was fossilized wooly mammoth poop simply because of the name — Roboostas. Say it with a Spanish accent and really roll that 'r' and tell me that doesn't sound utterly cool. Rrrrrrrroboostas! I believe I have found my next pet name. Just kidding, kids! No more live animals. Ever. From now on, only ZhuZhu pets. Roboostas turns out to be candy made of coffee and chocolate, so it sounds much tastier than decayed doodie.


gigiofca said...

That mug is crazy cool. I love it!!

jacquelyn said...

I am all over those sock monkey mittens. If I didn't have so many pairs of mittens already I would make them mine.