Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matte Men

We just started watching "Mad Men." Sure, we're a few years late, but we are speeding our way toward the most recent season. Ah, the joys of Netflix.

Aside from feeling like I'm beginning to lapse into a depression (is anyone happy on that show?), I do appreciate the period clothes, furnishings and, especially, the makeup.

Betty, Joan — their skin just looks so perfect and powdered. The puffy pouts, in particular, are immaculate — and so flat. Not a lick of shine or shimmer to 'em. Tarte's Lipsurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain ($24) offers that perfect "Matte Men" look. The shine-free finish comes in a variety of shades from deep red to a pale mauve. Now, I like my red lips glossy (even though plenty of beauty types complain that's overkill), so for my money Exposed, a cocoa-tinged nude, is a great way to go matte.

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Mugdha said...

I think a good tip is to put on a coat of chapstick over matte red lips because it makes them feel glossier, without looking too glossy.