Monday, January 3, 2011

Not-So-Silly Bandz

Maybe you've heard of Silly Bandz.

They're these pliable bracelets, most likely made of toxic plastic, that are all the rage among the kiddos. I have stepped on — or my vacuum has sucked up — a heart, a scorpion and a car. And that's just today.

Slipped onto the wrist, these goofy bands look like nothing. It's only when you take them off that you can see the true shapes.

Truth be told, I've never felt strongly about them one way or the other. But, the kids like 'em, they're cheap, so whatev. Then I discovered they make WONDER WOMAN ($3) and PEEPS ($5.50) bands.


Two of my favorite characters.

Naturally, I'm now a fan. The Wonder Woman bands were gifted to me for Christmas (thanks, Kiera!) and I have my sights set on those Peeps. Oh yes, they will be mine.


jacquelyn said...

Ah! These are all over my house. My daughter has a few hundred---no joke! She gets them from party goodie bags and her "boyfriend" at school gifted her with a whole shopping bag of them.

Still, I like the shoe and clothes ones.

Desert Flower said...

I've never seen these! How cute are those peeps?

Mugdha said...

My friend got a whole bag of mythical creature shaped ones for christmas!

WendyB said...

OH MY GOD!!! I have a Peep obsession! Must have these.