Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Everyone's got a childhood story involving hair — and a pair of scissors.

I've actually been OK when two of my three children played Beauty Salon. It is only hair. It grows.

Sadly, Oldest Child took the scissors to the mane of the beautiful Pottery Barn pony. How I'd wish she'd attacked her own hair since the pony's 'do was so much more expensive.

I'm guessing the adult version of Beauty Salon involves a coloring kit. One afternoon last week, I was completely unsupervised — just me, a Garnier Nutrisse highlighting kit and 40 minutes before the repair guy was due to arrive and fix the stove.

Ta da.

Not bad. I think. I hope.

I've been coveting that beachy, ombre look for some time now. This was my third — and best — attempt. If you're brave enough, slather the lightening potion (probably with more care than I did) heavy on the ends; wrap in foil (supposed to speed up the process) and then rinse out. But, you should be brave. It's just hair. Easy enough to re-color — or, chop off.


Jessica said...

Oh it pains me to think that she chopped the mane of that horse!

Beautiful hair color! I've never dyed my hair - the idea of it freaks me out. (I also really like my hair color, but I'm sure at some point I'll experiment ... when I start to spot gray streaks!)

Desert Flower said...

I think you have the ombre effect down! That looks great.

woodley park-zoo said...

Hi -- wandered here via a post on JCA... just wanted to say that looks really good! I also wanted to pass on the info that I got this done last year as prep for my wedding and the Bumble and Bumble technique that was used was that she teased the ends of my hair and dyed the part she still held in her hands... if you ever want to try a variation. :) Although I couldn't possibly manage that much on my own!