Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Breakfast Fit For a Geek

This Christmas we discovered the joys of Think Geek.

The kids spent hours pouring through the catalog, circling things they had to have. Of course, I paid not a lick of attention until I discovered that some of my bestest gifts came from the site: a mini doughnut maker and caffeinated hot chocolate.

Think Geek is awesome, and I'm not even close a geek (ask our work computer techs who rescue me at least once a month). How can you not love a site with an entire section devoted to caffeine? I need my morning dose. Although, my coffee isn't so much coffee as it is milk tinted with a shot of espresso. The smell of freshly brewed java is positively intoxicating. The taste? Not so much. But caffeinated hot cocoa? Perfect, especially since I usually doctor my cup o' joe with plain cocoa anyway.

The doughnut maker is perfect for the Homer Simpson in all of us. Mmmmmmm, doughnuts. You feel like a giant picking up one of the dainty, silver dollar-sized pastries. Of course, it's also easy to turn into a giant (or at least one with a giant ass) because those little treats are easy to gobble by the dozen.


Desert Flower said...

The mini donut maker is the cutest thing ever. I've never heard of Think Geek!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

you for breakfast?

I think I see where my problem lies. :)

Think Geek IS great! Especially good for Guy Gifts. Geeky Guy Gifts.

jacquelyn said...

I'm curious to does the caffeinated hot chocolate differ from a mocha? Is it just more chocolatey than a mocha? Usually I just mix cocoa mix with mocha mix and a couple shots of syrup. Learning of this product may rock my world.

Kcookski said...

j - re: the caffeinated hot cocoa. it tastes just like hot chocolate. i mix it with milk (and sometimes still add a touch o' coffee to really kick it up). when i mixed about two tablespoons into about 8-10 ounces, it perked me up just like my usual java - but without the nasty aftertaste.