Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Must-Have Accessory

And now for some much-needed levity.....

Here is this season's much-needed accessory for the superhero in all of us: an actual, real cape.

Even if you never put it on, this $16 Toddland piece is impossible to resist based on the packaging alone. From the back of the box: Be just like everyone that you look up to — superheroes, not so super heroes, magicians, lawyers, crazy people, larpers (Internet search it. lightning bolt!), rulers of parent's basement kingdoms.

It even comes with instructions on how to tie it on. Funny. Funny. Funny.

Come for the cape, but mosey around the Toddland site for all the funny stuff (I think I need the furry Yo Gaba Gaba wallet).

1 comment:

Desert Flower said...

That is so funny! Good for kids, of all ages :)