Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flared For Spring

Heads up — flared jeans will be back for spring.

At least, that's what anyone who's anyone is saying. I believe 'em. The skinny thing has gone on for several seasons now. Time for the denim to widen.

Yippee because I have a looooooot of flared jeans stuffed into a drawer. These are my most beloved jeans. They're Fins, not made anymore. I fell in love with 'em at a local boutique and saved up my pennies and dropped pounds (it was post baby) until they went on sale. They're flattering and soft and have these cool flap pockets. They were even more flared until I recently took 'em in to the tailor.

Outfit: J Crew tuxedo shirt; Majestic cashmere tank; Fins jeans; Dr. Martens "Marlena" mary janes.


Desert Flower said...

Oh great, now I have to go shopping! I bet that cashmere tank is so soft.

Jessica said...

I'm totally holding out for a pair of bell bottoms.