Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoe Review

A short, sad shoe story: I ordered these Mossimo "Pilar" wedges. They came, I returned. The end.

Yeah, they weren't so good.

The wedge is a dead-ringer for Dolce Vita "Pela" sandals, and I've only lusted for those through the screen. Haven't seen IRL. The Pilar, a wallet-friendly $29.99, definitely had that plastic-ish, faux leather look. In a bad way. Remember Cynthia Vincent's Target collab last spring? That was faux done right.

The zipper back worked well, and the shoe fit perfectly through the toe and top of the foot. The dealbreaker was the baggy ankle strap. It wasn't adjustable, and it seemed like it would bug. So, Pilar went to a new home at the local Target store. Sigh. Isn't it time for Cynthia Vincent to do an encore Target presentation?


Jessica said...

What a bummer! Nothing bugs me more than an item that has so much potential online ... and then falls disappointingly short.

Kathleen said...

Darn! Have you seen the spring shoes in the Dolce Vita collaboration? There's some lovely stuff there as well.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I had the same problem - that really sucks because I was so excited when I first opened my shoe box! I don't know how anyone can look good in those Target shoes - this is one idea that didn't hit its mark!

Desert Flower said...

Sad. They had great potential.