Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspired by Madewell

Cool label I have yet to try: Madewell.

J Crew's snappy sister line leans toward trendier looking basics, and I've liked a lot of stuff. But I have serious hangups about high shipping costs. Plus, who knows what the heck that sizing is like? Many dress hemlines look as if Madewell's cribbing from Forever XXI (read: crotch level). J Crew's sizing is notoriously schizo since adding an "XXS." So while I've liked a lot of stuff, I haven't taken the plunge on anything Madewell yet.

Then I realized, I can probably pull off the Madewell look with stuff I've got already. Behold, my first attempt based on my lust for Madewell's chiffon cascade dress (at a too-rich-for-my-blood $148): Johnny Was silk dress layered with a tank dress beneath; Splendid cardigan; tights and Daniblack clogs.


Jessica said...

Don't you feel victorious when you can recreate a look with items you already have?!

I haven't shopped with Madewell yet either. And, quite frankly, I don't think I will. I have a hard enough time trying to shop with J.Crew! (I mean, seriously, I have everything from an XS to M and 4 through 10 in my closet from J.Crew - and they all fit!)

Desert Flower said...

I got the Madewell code so I dutifully checked out the website. Everything looks like things I already have, or perilously close to something you could get at H&M or F21 for far less. Not using the code, I fear.

I love this outfit! The dress is so pretty and I like that you've toughened it up with the clogs.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I wondered where that dress went! It looks GREAT on you...agree with Desert Flower that the clogs are perfect.

Kcookski said...

exactly, j! i have the same wacky size variation in my crew wear, which is why i'm thinking madewell - even with a coupon - is a pass because i'd likely still have to return/exchange. who wants to mess with that?