Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Great Keychain Conundrum

OK, so it's not really a conundrum. I just like alliteration.

But, I do really need a new keychain. Actually, I don't. I want a new one, though.

A darling, mini Paul Frank "Julius" monkey is currently attached to my jingly janglies. It's big enough to make keys more visible in those cavernous purses, but it's been hanging there for quite awhile now. It's time to change up. First I searched for a cupcake keychain, then one with a shoe.

Nothing has seemed quite right.

Now I'm completely smitten by outrageously expensive accessories. On the one hand, an $82 Jimmy Choo keychain is much, much cheaper than an actual pair of Choos. But then, is that the sartorial equivalent of carrying around a Porsche keychain when you really drive a Buick?

Even crazier is this See by Chloe "Spike" coin purse/key chain. Holy cuteness. Could that hedgehog be any awesomer? Get this — not only is it $135, but only has two left. How can that even be possible? I want to meet these people who buy keychains that cost triple digits.


Jessica said...

Holy moly, that See by Chloe keychain is amazing. Even I'm considering it now! But what would I do with a keychain that expensive? I'd be too afraid of getting it dirty!

Coach has some pretty cute keychains (when they're not so darn childlike) and if you pick one up at their outlet, it's usually around $20.

pixelant said...

I like the Chloe keychain! Ialways havetrouble finding mine in my purse too!

Desert Flower said...

You have the best taste, K. That Chloe keychain is perfection.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I tend more towards the Ace Hardware purple circular carabiner...