Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku — True Love

Better than Reese's
Sneaks plus wedge equal awesome
But, how to style them?

Shoe n' Tell: These Ash buckle wedges are, well, I really don't think perfect is an overstatement. Forget chocolate and peanut butter — tennies plus a wedge are a true match made in heaven.

They're fun, high enough to keep my jeans from dragging and incredibly comfortable. I can't explain why Ash wedges go for exorbitant amounts of money on assorted Websites (Karmaloop, Neiman, ASOS). Oh wait, maybe I just did.

Found these on eBay (they started off life as samples) and got 'em for a song. My only problem — aside from pairing them with jeans or shorts, I'm not quite sure how to maximize their potential.


KathyW said...

I'm going to be watching what you do with these, as I think a similar style may be in my future. As you know, flats aren't working so great for me these days.

Jessi8a said...

can you please bring these to the next swap party with me in mind, pretty please.