Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku — Splurge v. Steal

Can you tell the diff?
For sure at the register.
I'll take the cheapie.

Shoe n' Tell: My eagle-eyed friend spotted these strappy "Pilar" wedges on and told me I needed the pink pair. How well she knows me. Several times I'd nearly purchased a more expensive Dolce Vita version (yes, in pink), but I just couldn't pull the trigger. They were pricey, reviews said sizing was tricky. Too iffy of a purchase for that much money.

OK, so the top photo is from Saks and the real Dolce Vita "Pela" wedges. Sticker price: $170.

The bottom photo is Mossimo's non-leather version. Yeah, it costs $30. Guess which pair I'm gonna get.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Haha, great minds must think alike because I recently ordered the brown pair from Target! I am returning mine though and advise you to try them on first if you can - the straps on the pair I received were so ridiculously wide and there was no way to adjust them! I am hoping my pair was just flawed somehow and you have better luck - I too, have been eyeing the Dolce Vitas since last summer!

Desert Flower said...

I have high hopes for these, they look amazing. And the pink is perfect for you.