Saturday, January 8, 2011

Biker + Babe

Life — and fashion — are all about balance.

You keep things from tipping into too-extreme territory with a healthy system of checks and balances.

Now, I love a good moto jacket — it adds just the right edginess. But a moto plus leather boots plus leather pants? Tooooo much.

So, you balance out that toughness with something girly, say, a newly acquired, on-sale VPL tank. Oh, and you totally skip the leather pants and boots.

Back to the top.

I've long had a thing for the VPL line because of its cheeky initials (visible panty line — ha!) and its lingerie styling that's sexy but not overly so, like say, Madonna in the '80s. This tank's got a bralike upper half with thick, orange straps that add a pop of color and keep it from being too feminine. The flowy bottom is a bonus for those of us battling an ever-present food baby.

Outfit: Splendid moto jacket; VPL convexity breaker tank; Tag ankle jeans; Jeffrey Campbell buckle sandals.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

You just needed those leather chaps, right? ;-)

Very sassy, though! I love the VPL tank.