Sunday, January 30, 2011

Layers and Dressy Uggs

This whole climate change thing is killing my ability to dress.

It's hot, it's cold. What's a girl who goes out and about in public supposed to do?


My magical denim vest (Now it's a jacket! Presto chango — snip, snip! Now it's a sleeveless vest!) adds the right amount of warmth in between this racer-back dress and knit moto jacket.

The crowning touch, though, is these tricked-out Uggs.

Earlier, (here) I'd mildly bemoaned their lack of 'zzaz. Well, those 2 Riders bootstraps went on sale, and, as I always tell my husband, I was right. The straps do add just the right amount of polish and edge to the old girls. Gussied up with the chains, they look like Fryes.

The bootstraps are impressive, quite well made. You can't tell from the photo (hey, my photog is 10!), but the silver chains almost look like they're actual rope. They have a matte finish, which makes them look more expensive than the gold version.

Outfit: Splendid moto jacket; hacked up Gap jacket; Daftbird dress; Forever XXI silver necklaces; Uggs.


Desert Flower said...

The boots turned out great! Love the chains. It gives a very moto vibe.

Jessi8a said...

love the OOTD! it's going up on my board to copy once i'm back to normal size!